Fill Ministries - Investment Opportunities


  • Communities thriving with thousands of neighbors nourished, qualified and contributing

  • An income-generating model that reduces the need for donor funds and sustains the organization long-term

Filling More Hearts: Food distribution and support programs are in high demand.  Our goal is a 30% growth of food support programs into Dawson, Forsyth and Hall counties.   As food is delivered, we also deliver mentoring, life skills training and job counseling.
$160 feeds a family for one month
$1,920 feeds a family for one year
$5,760 feeds three families for one year

Self-Sustaining Organic Farming: Aquaponics will be the primary organic farming technique on our new land; utilizing recycled water, no need for soil, and the ability to harvest fresh produce and fresh fish. Jobs will be created, and leadership training and apprenticeships willb e offered to the community.
$140,000 completes excavation for the next tier of greenhouse space
$250,000 completes full build out on one complete greenhouse and aquaponic eco-system
$883,496 brings farm to operational self-sustainability with completion of greenhouse #4

Improving Nutrition and Earned Income: Food pantries lack fresh product and fresh protein. Our new organic farms will improve health, create jobs and generate income. Through facilities for food service and hands-on learning, individuals will receive vital education and job skills while earning income for both their own families and the organization.
$5.4 million fulfills the need to complete the campus with a food services and training facility.