Supper Club

A nutritious supper equips a child to
arrive at school the next morning, alert
and able to concentrate on learning

Give the gift of suppers to hungry children
in your community

Most school-aged children who live in poverty only eat twice a day, and ONCE a day when school is on break.

Your gift of suppers will help a child go to bed happy, not hungry!

A Supper Club card makes the perfect gift for that friend or relative who has "enough" and wants to bless others!

One $60 Supper Club card provides a
family of four an evening meal for 30 days

Each card is presented in a pop-up gift box. The explanation on the back of the card gives directions for how the recipient can continue to pay the gift forward to feed the family again, if desired.

Please allow 2 weeks to receive your Supper Club card in the mail. You can purchase memberships at the Fill Ministries office from 9AM to 4PM, Tuesday through Friday, at 3540 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming, GA 30041.

I would like to send suppers to a family for a month!

I already have an account and would like to reload my Supper Club card


Each charity giving card benefits a family fed by Meals by Grace. The family will receive 30 days of suppers in the giver's name. Each card is pre-loaded with your donation and can be “reloaded” with an additional one-time gift of $60, or a recurring gift. Packaged in a pop-up card presentation box.


The perfect gift for that someone who has "enough," who would appreciate an impactful gift given in their name. A business gift for owners to give their clients, vendors or employees. Ideal for commissioned sales teams or agents, for small business owners, as corporate appreciation gifts, or for those who give referral gifts to their clients.


Purchase and reload cards through Fill Ministries’ Supper Club online, or in person at the Fill Ministries office from 9 to 4, Tuesday through Friday at 3540 Keith Bridge Road in Cumming.


These giving cards are an easy way to connect your family, friends or organization with Fill Ministries. The funds donated from these cards will also support the Fill Ministries Aquaponic Farm, for quality, organic nutrition with every food delivery.