Service Day Sponsorships

Follow the steps below to submit a sevice day sponsorship.

  1. Login to an Individual or Group Account.

You can setup a service day sponsorship using the individual or group account you already have,
or by creating a new account.
  • To setup a sponsorship using an account you already have, click here.
  • To create a new individual or group account, click here.

  2. Setup an Organization.

We will need some information about the organization the first time you setup a sponsorship.
You can also add additional organizations that you manage or are responsible for.

  3. Select A Service Day.

Look at our calendar and pick a specific day you would like to sponsor.
An organization can sponsor one day or several days.

  4. Secure Your Sponsorship

The final step in securing your sponsorship is paying the sponsorship fee.You can do that online
with a credit card, or by mailing or bringing a check to our office.