Terms of Service

Description of Services

MealsByGrace.org is owned by Meals By Grace Inc., a program of The Bridge, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation operating under the laws of the State of Georgia and the United States of America.


Meals By Grace Inc., is a ministry focused on providing food support through multiple programs to children and families in need.


Support and Questions

For assistance with using MealsByGrace.org, users should start by sending an email with a detailed description of the problem or question using the "Contact Us" page on MealsByGrace.org.


Please include the following information when reporting a problem:


  1. User's name
  2. User's email address
  3. User's contact phone number
  4. The order number in question
  5. The name and address of the person creating the registration
  6. The name and address of the participant(s) associated with the registration
  7. What page the User was on when a problem was encountered
  8. Any error messages that were displayed
  9. What type of web browser was being used (e.g. "Internet Explorer 9" or "Firefox 3.5.5" or "Droid Razr Phone")


A representative from Meals By Grace Inc. will respond to your email within 2 business days.



Individuals may request a refund for part or all of any financial gifts made on the MealsByGrace.org website within 30 days of the date the gift was made by contacting Meals By Grace via telephone using the contact information provided at the bottom of this web page. Do not send credit card information via email! All refunds must be requested by telephone only.

The following information must be provided in order to process a full or partial refund:

  1. The last four digits of the credit card number.
  2. The card expiration date.
  3. The name as it appears on the card.
  4. The date the gift was made.
  5. The amount of the gift.
  6. The donor's mailing address.

Refunds will be processed within 10 business days by either sending a company check to the donor at the address provided, or by processing the refund amount back to the donor's credit card.